Thursday, 28 September 2023

Private Sector Development Department

  • To create an enabling and competitive environment for private sector growth and tourism development;
  • To promote growth and diversification of exports and expand the international market share of Malawian products and services;
  • To increase the contribution of manufacturing value added to gross domestic product (GDP);
  • To strengthen sector capacities and improve coordination and effective delivery of the sector programmes and services;
  • To strengthen development and promotion of Malawi’s products and services; and
  • To empower Malawians to participate in economic activities.
A dynamic, innovative, and globally competitive economy.

To promote, support and facilitate the development of industry, trade, and a vibrant tourism industry in both existing and potential growth sectors, thereby increasing the supply of value-added goods and services for domestic and international markets

  • Doing Business Environment improved 
  • Investment levels increased

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