Thursday, 28 September 2023

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Trade is a powerful engine for economic growth and poverty reduction, though harnessing its power is difficult where there is a lack of capacity in terms of policies, procedures, institutions, and infrastructure to integrate and compete effectively in global markets. In this regard, the Ministry of Trade is very important if Malawi has to grow its socio-economic development.

  • To create an enabling and competitive environment for private and MSME sector growth and development
  • To promote growth and diversification of exports which make up about 37% of the GDP and expand both the domestic and international market share of Malawian products and services
  •  To strengthen sector capacities and improve coordination and effective delivery of the sector programs and services
  • To strengthen development and promotion of Malawi’s products and services
To make Malawi a globally competitive investment and export-oriented Economy.
To promote trade,industrial and private sector development for sustainable economic growth.
To promote support and facilitate the development of industry,trade and private sector in both existing and potential growth sectors thereby increasing supply of value-added goods and services for domestic and international markets while sustaining competitive advantage.

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